Authors Guidelines

Abstract Preparation Guidelines and online submission

1. Title/Heading

Title in the head of the abstract must provide indications about the work that will be presented and not all details of the work.

2. Authors

The details (Full Names and Affiliations) of all the authors should be given in the top of the abstract

3. Author Affiliation

Respective Author Full Name, Department/Institution/University, City should be indicated in the top of the abstract.

4. Presenting Author

Full Name, Department/Institution/University, City, State, Country, Telephone, Fax and Email of the presenting author must be indicated.

5. Abstract

Should not exceed one A4 page (3000 characters with spaces) in time new roman 12 font 1.0 space. Text should be relevant, comprehensive introducing the data that will be presented and how these data are important for the One Health topic of the conference. Key data, their explanation and exploitation can be briefly described of the brief in nature correlating to the total subject matter and give a notion as summary to the detailed script portrayed by the author while getting the experiment findings in exhaustive manner. It should also relate to significant outcome and further scope to continue in the field.

6. Keywords

Five relevant keywords should be cited in alphabetical order, separated with semicolons.

7. References

A maximum of 5 references in alphabetical listing can be at the end of the abstract.

8. Figures and Tables

One figure and no table can be introduced in the text of the abstract

9. Choice of Presentation

Authors may suggest to the scientific committee their choice of oral or poster presentation

© Copyright Dubai One Health Conference 2023. All Rights Reserved.
© Copyright Dubai One Health Conference 2023. All Rights Reserved.